We want to hear from you!!

Hello CWE Community!

The SGCWE wants to hear from you! Please contact us through our email which SGCWE@ccny.cuny.edu. We are here to help and serve you! Please make that an effort!!

If you need more assistance Elliot Rodriguez, SGCWE member is here to help you as well! Elliot email is ERODRIG34@CITYMAIL.CUNY.EDU

Thank you



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Spring 2013 is officially here!!


Hello CWE  Community!

Happy New Year! and Welcome Back to CWE, for Spring 2013. SGCWE hopes you had an enjoyable time off from school, but as one of our members says, its time to get busy and


get to work!! We are hoping your new semester starts off great, and also starts off on the good waters!

As you can see we fin

nally have our WORD PRESS up and finally running! Our Word Press website will help you and provide you with up to date information regarding CWE and also regarding things in CCNY and CUNY!

On our Word Press, you can read about the Government members, see our calendar of fun and enjoying events and activities, the CWE cale

ndar, and important events.  In addition, you will be able to see photos, and information about new clubs coming up in CWE!

We hope you enjoy our Word Press Account!



happy new year


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